Better World Club to Provide Carbon-Neutral Roadside Assistance

Sep 4, 2012 12:00 PM ET

(3BL Media) Portland, OR - September 4, 2012- Better World Club, the nation’s only environmentally-friendly auto club, announced today that it would provide the nation’s first carbon-neutral roadside assistance.  As part of its mission to promote social and environmental responsibility, Better World Club will estimate the tons of CO2 produced each year by trucks providing services to its members, and purchase the equivalent in US-based carbon offsets.

President Mitch Rofsky explains, “Whether your business involves manufacturing, fracking, or just driving, American companies need to assume responsibility for zero environmental impact.  While carbon offsets aren’t the final answer to climate change, they’re a crucial step to minimize greenhouse gases. We hope other auto clubs will follow us, so that all of America’s roadside assistance can be carbon neutral.”

Neutralizing the greenhouse gasses generated by its service providers is the latest in a series of pioneering environmental initiatives undertaken by Better World Club, including:

  • Recognizing the greenest roadside service provider in America
  • Being the first travel company to offer carbon offsets
  • Providing a free ton of carbon offsets to auto insurance customers
  • Discounting membership for hybrid, electric, and other alternative fuel vehicles
  • Creating America’s only nationwide bicycle roadside assistance

Better World Club provides roadside assistance and insurance services to tens of thousands of drivers and bicyclists across the United States. The company also has a 10-year history of supporting the rights of pedestrians and riders of public transit.


About Better World Club
Better World Club, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the nation’s only eco-friendly, socially-conscious roadside assistance, insurance, and travel club for cars and bicycles. Better World Club pioneered and continues to offer the only nationwide roadside assistance for bicycles. Membership includes eco-travel services, access to auto and bicycle insurance, free maps, auto maintenance discounts and much more. By donating 1% of its annual revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy, and by being the first travel company to offer carbon offsets, Better World Club is changing more than just tires. For more information or to join 30,000 socially-responsible members across the United States, visit, call 1.866.238.1137, or join Better World Club on Facebook at


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