Balancing the Skin, Holistically

Farm-Sourced, Biodynamic Skin Care Line Benedetta Provides Alternative to Toxic Cosmetics
Apr 17, 2015 3:15 PM ET

By Bianca Alexander

In our quick-fix culture of botox, facelifts and anti-aging “miracle” creams, the never-ending quest for perfect skin can lead us to hundreds of products promising instant results.

Unfortunately, traditional skin care products are full of carcinogenic toxins made with harmful chemicals, including parabens and sulphates, artificial colors, dyes and fragrances. These ingredients not only damage the skin long-term, but they can also endanger our health. This is why adopting a toxin-free skin care regime is so important.

Personally, I’ve tried hundreds of so-called “natural” and organic skin care products, but very few have delivered the results I’m looking for: healthy, flawless skin. As such, when I heard about Benedetta’s line of Farm-Sourced™, botanical and biodynamic skin care products, I was excited but skeptical - until I tried them for myself. From the very first application, it was clear to me that this line was special. My skin looked clearer, brighter and firmer after just one day’s use!

To learn more, I spoke with Benedetta’s inspirational founder, Julia Faller, a professional esthetician and skin care alchemist who shared with me her philosophy on creating products for balanced, beautiful skin.

B: Why did you feel inspired to launch Benedetta?

J:  I created Benedetta (Blessed) more than 20 years ago out of need for a truly holistic, energetic, 100% botanical line, not realized in the marketplace.  I set out to create formulas and a system of use that made sense. The introduction of water integration and organic & biodynamic nutrition’s sole purpose is to feed the skin, just as we feed our bodies with alive, bioavailable nutrients.  Furthermore, it's as important to produce the end material, i.e., essential oil, vegetable oils, hydrosols, etc., in accordance with the energetic vibration of that particular plant material, without overheating or processing.

Moreover, each formula takes into account the symbiotic resonance between the botanical synergies and our largest organ’s ability to receive.  It is complex yet simple. I never intended to become another company that produced items that targeted an allopathic symptomatic need, but a causal one that focuses on the root of the problem. I look at the skin’s anatomy and histology to discover what works holistically and go from there.  The building blocks and water integration our skin needs and thrives on can only be realized when recognized and absorbed fully.  Our bodies reject anything that is unnatural; maybe not immediately but eventually.  Not just parabens and other petro chemicals that are obvious, but processed pharmaceutical vitamins and minerals as well as over processed plant substances that have lost vitality.  All of these elements eventually become inert substances that the skin, like our other organs, cannot fully utilize. This can lead to dull, unhealthy skin.

B: I’ve used skin creams that cost $200 and up, and after trying Benedetta, it was hard to believe that your products work just as well if not better at balancing my skin (for half the price)! Why are they so effective?

J:  My goal has always been to create formulas that work in union with our largest organ, the skin, to correct and protect holistically.  Through these energetic formulas, along with the Benedetta regimen, I have surpassed my intention to do so.  I create products for people first, profit later.  I have never compromised the quality of the ingredients for the bottom line, but instead work diligently to provide the freshest, most viable product I can make, and the results are clearly evident.

B: The first time I used your products they felt energetically infused with magic. How do you explain this?

J: Everything in life has a vibrational or energetic profile.  In the case of Benedetta preparations, we look to increase the vibrational resonance of a product by addressing many variables, not limited to the obvious adherence of organic and biodynamic principles for our botanicals.  Our small batch, seed to bottle efficacy focuses on many steps, some of which include:

  • Timely and conscious process of all of our botanicals just after harvest;
  • Timely transport of botanicals with removal of plastic, and placement in stainless steel containers or glass;
  • Making each product with conscious intention and reverence for the intended user; and
  • Housing the final products in full spectrum violet glass, which preserves the vibrational frequency and potency of the botanicals.

B: How are your products different as compared to other products that claim to be natural or even organic?

J:  Benedetta is truly a “seed to bottle” company.  Our ingredients are all Farm-Sourced™, a term I have trademarked to underscore its value and meaning.  We purchase directly from family owned certified organic & biodynamic farms globally with strict quality controls.  As a result, each ingredient and synergy penetrates the skin and introduces nourishment similar to the way a healthy organic diet nourishes the body, holistically.  In other words the skin rejuvenates because it recognizes and absorbs the benefits from alive, raw materials far better than ingredients without vitality.

Anyone looking to have healthy skin knows that the first step is taking care of the body from the inside out.  The skin is a visible indicator of our systemic health. Just like a healthy diet, to balance and fight the signs of aging we need to feed our bodies, mind and spirit with organic, seasonal nourishing foods, exercise, and peaceful practices, like meditation.

B: How would you respond to skepticism about the efficacy of your natural products from customers used to buying some of the more popular, chemical based products on the market that promise specific results?

J:  Benedetta has stood the test of time for over 20 years. Our tried, true and authentic formulas speak for themselves. Those of us that have used the facial regimen for this period are walking billboards and testaments of its results.  Balanced, harmonious skin comes from nutrition that is alive and in union with our skin’s ability to recognize and absorb it.  It is in the same way that alive organic foods can saturate our cells and make us healthier.  The more processed the food, the less nourishment.  Similarly, the more processed the skin care, the more void of recognizable nutrition.  Benedetta works simply because the skin recognizes it to be true and utilizes it on a renewable level.  In other words, it corrects and renews with use as good nutrition does for our bodies, it gets better with use and results are long lasting not temporary.

B: As a trained esthetician, what are some of the most common skin problems you are able to treat with Benedetta and how?

J:  We train our estheticians to customize the Benedetta Facial Regimen depending on the individual’s specific skin condition, but, the most common skin conditions we see are dry, oily, acne, rosacea and aging.  However, our primary focus is on healing the skin by bringing it into balance, so adhering to our Day and Night regimens is paramount.

For hypersensitive skin types with breakouts, we like to start very slowly with our Rosemary & Geranium Crème Cleanser (Day & Night), Seaweed Mask, and Control Crème, before introducing a Crystal Radiance Hydrating Elixir (Day & Night), Precious & Nourishing Antioxidant Oil (Day), and Visibly Radiant Moisturizer (Day).

Your regimen however, may change with the seasons, diet, medication, stress, and simply because the line will aid in normalizing your skin, so in a short time one may start with DRIER and become MOST.  We are here to help - whether it’s with one of our trained estheticians, guidance from a consultant in one of our shops, or by calling us directly.  We are here to care for your continued skin health and renewal.

B: Though your products are clearly sustainable, in what additional ways are you sustainable as a business?

J: In addition to using  Farm-Sourced™, organic, biodynamic and non-GMO ingredients, we use post-consumer packaging materialsminimal water waste during manufacture and clean manufacturing practices with no chemical run off.  We also use 100% recycled office paper and paperless transactions whenever possible, and aim to serve as an ongoing educational resource for conscious consumers looking to heal their skin, holistically.

B: How can our fans sample Benedetta for themselves?

J: If you are interested in trying Benedetta for yourself; enjoy a one-time introductory 20% discount off any of the skin, body, or bath care products by ordering online at, using coupon code ConsciousLiving.  For other discounts and updates, follow us on facebooktwitter, and instagram or visit our gorgeous retail location in Northern California:

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