Are You a CSR / Sustainability Communications Expert?

What best practice, trends or resources can you share with SMEs?
Jun 6, 2012 12:55 PM ET

7 Questions on Better CSR Communications

On 12th June I’m heading to Berlin for two days to co-host one of the workshops at the EU funded ‘Better CSR Advice for SMEs’ event.

The two main objectives of this event are to share best practice among the 100 invited SME advisor attendees from across Europe and also to then create subsequent guidance materials based on the knowledge shared. Along with Amanda Ortega ofLavola (Spain) I have been asked to facilitate a session on CSR/ Sustainability (I use both these terms interchangeably and CSR is much shorter to type!) Communications and we would like to provide input to this particular dialogue from the widest audience possible.

The whole event is based on reflecting the topical needs of the attendee audience and the workshops are currently only suggestions to be selected on the day itself, and therefore open to last minute cancellation or adaptation. Even so, I’m confident that communications is an vital topic requiring discussion and it will make it through to the final workshop list.

To better serve the process Amanda and I want to engage with advisers and key SME stakeholders before the event and we would like to ask for your feedback on the questions below – or add more questions you suggest:

For your responses please consider these European definitions and statistics:

• The SME audience includes Micro – up to 10 employees; Small up to 50 employees; and Medium up to 250 employees – or revenues up to €50 million.

• 99% of all business are SMEs = approx 21 million • 90% of SMEs have 10 or less employees = approx 19 million.

• SMEs provide more than two thirds of private sector employment • SMEs are responsible for 58% of Gross-value Added (GVA).

All above are 2010 / 2011 EU figures.

The Questions:

Please do not restrict your feedback to European activity only, we would like to share global best practice where relevant.

What are the current trends in CSR communication?

  1. What are the biggest barriers to effective CSR communication?
  2. How can these barriers be overcome (actually or potentially)?
  3. What do you think the future trends in CSR communication will be?
  4. What are the biggest opportunities for SMEs?
  5. Do you know of any specific best practice that should be highlighted? (please provide links if possible)
  6. What are the best available resources for supporting CSR communication? i.e. documents, websites, white papers, blogs, experts etc.

Please provide any answers or feedback in the comments section below.

If you would prefer your feedback to remain anonymous please email your responses to directly. If you would like to discuss this topic in any further detail than email allows please contact the same email address to arrange a call (to be held before 5pm (UK) Friday 8th June 2012).


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