Aramark Video Blog Volume One: Farming at Your Fingertips

Aug 15, 2023 9:30 AM ET

Aramark and Babylon Micro-Farms

Aramark has partnered with Babylon Micro-Farms, an indoor micro-farm company, to expand its healthy influence. Aramark Headquarters has its own in-unit garden with fresh herbs and lettuces, which is used by their chefs almost every day. The unit is controlled from an app that enables staff to control the light, water, and nutrients. The Babylon micro-farms unit was installed in January at Aramark Headquarters on the 7th floor right off the 2400 Market Café.

Aramark and Babylon’s partnership started in 2021 when units were installed at Virginia Commonwealth University, University of South Carolina, Lander University, and Western Carolina University. Aramark installed one to two micro-farm units at each university campus, serving over 90,000 students in total. The goal of the partnership was to increase student engagement and educate the students on micro-farms and their impact.

There are currently 49 units installed throughout Aramark university locations, with 21 more units planned to be added to other Aramark locations. A few of these locations include SUNY Poly, Loyola University, University of Texas: San Antonio, and Southwestern University.

Aramark Headquarters Executive Chef Andrew Boxer gave us a behind-the-scenes look of the unit and showed us what he was cooking up in the kitchen. To learn more about Babylon Micro-Farms watch the first Aramark video blog here: Farming at your Fingertips

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