Aramark GM 101 Offers Hands-On, Interactive Training for Front Line Managers

Sep 16, 2014 10:00 AM ET
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Training & Development - In Practice

Aramark General Management 101, or GM 101, provides managers with a program that creates a consistent understanding of how we grow the business, manage costs and productivity, lead people and meet financial commitments, regardless of location or line of business.

The new training, launched in March 2014, consists of a focused and interactive curriculum that is facilitated by leaders across the company. It was created by a team that was tasked with delivering training that would reinforce a common operating platform across all of our various businesses and account situations. 

“We wanted to create a shared training experience for all operating managers that sets expectations about what it means to be a general manager at Aramark and the implications for how they run their businesses,” explained Michael Moeller, Aramark Vice President of Talent Management and Organizational Development. “It’s part of our commitment to helping understand how they will be held accountable, and providing them with the tools and skills to be successful.”

The new program was designed to be relevant for every line of business in Aramark’s portfolio, from Higher Education to Uniform Services, and scalable so it can reach thousands of managers across the company, in countries around the world.

GM 101 begins with a day-and-a-half live, hands-on workshop session, then continues with on-the-job applications of lessons learned. Managers also participate in continuous learning opportunities that include relevant news articles, podcasts, and e-learning to constantly reinforce and strengthen key program elements.

To date, more than 3,000 managers in North America have attended GM 101, supported by 200-plus leaders who served as presenters and facilitators. International role out will begin later in 2014.

Several of those who have completed the course referred to it as “extremely valuable” and “best training ever.” 

 “GM 101 is a wonderful learning opportunity that is being reinforced on a daily and weekly basis,” said one attendee. “I know that a lot of time and effort went into designing and developing this initiative.”

GM 101 is part of the Aramark Academy that encompasses:

  • A general management college that includes GM 101 and focuses on strengthening the ability of our operators to consistently deliver Aramark’s repeatable business model in all their accounts,
  • Functional colleges to develop the capabilities of employees in sales, human resources and other functional areas to support the business, and
  • A leadership institute focused on helping our leaders build critical leadership competencies.