Alkermes and Corporate Responsibility: Our Guiding Principles

Dec 28, 2022 1:35 PM ET
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Originally published in Alkermes 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

Our employees are the foundation upon which our business is built. Their expertise, intelligence and creativity drive our innovation, and their passion and commitment to excellence are the cornerstone of our success. We strive to support our employees’ well-being in a transparent, diverse, inclusive and collaborative culture and provide employees with training, support and resources to help them to succeed professionally while appropriately balancing their professional and personal lives. Beyond our employee initiatives, we are committed to broader social engagement through local volunteer opportunities, grant programs and engagement with caregivers, patients and their loved ones. We also support advocacy efforts to raise awareness of patient needs and to increase access to medicines and other forms of treatment in support of patient health and well-being.

Our Team is Motivated by Personal Experience With Serious Mental Illness, Addiction and Cancer 

“I have been a caregiver to a close family member living with serious mental illness from an early age. The loneliness, despair and frustration of seeing someone you love so dearly struggle with such an unforgiving illness is difficult. I joined Alkermes because I believe that the work we do every day has the potential to meaningfully improve the lives of people like my family member and so many others living with serious mental illness.” – Corporate Affairs team member 

“Losing my father at a young age to a disease that had no cure fueled my passion to work in health care. Decades later, the opportunity to help address the needs of people living with complex and serious illness continues to be a driving force behind my work.” – Medical Affairs team member

“I’m an ovarian cancer survivor, so I have first-hand knowledge about the impacts of this disease on women’s everyday lives... I am proud to be working at Alkermes, on a team that is committed to developing potential new treatments for cancers with high unmet need.” – Market Research team member

“By helping to reduce stigma around addiction, we can reduce some of the barriers to those seeking help. I’m very happy to be at Alkermes, to be able to play a small role in someone’s recovery by educating healthcare providers and helping them help their patients to find the treatment that is right for them.” – Commercial team member

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