Advancing Regenerative Agriculture

Dec 10, 2019 8:00 AM ET

Building on our longstanding commitment to organic agriculture, we’re helping advance regenerative farming practices that build soil health, foster biodiversity, and promote resilient farming communities.

Regenerative agriculture is a promising solution for addressing climate change. Regenerative practices work with nature to pull carbon from the air (CO2) and store it in the soil, where it nourishes a network of life and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Regenerative agriculture can also help shift the paradigm on how we grow food, so that we have a more holistic lens that accounts for agriculture's inherent connection to natural resources and living systems.

We define regenerative agriculture as farming that protects and intentionally enhances natural resources and farming communities.

We advance regenerative agriculture through three strategic levers:


Source from farmers using regenerative practices and develop products that create a marketplace for ingredients that promote regenerative systems.


Improve agricultural systems through catalytic partnerships and research.


Build awareness and support for regenerative agriculture by educating and inspiring others.

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