Achieving Corporate Excellence (ACE) Apprenticeship Programmes

Mar 25, 2024 2:00 PM ET

A celebration was held in our London office last week to congratulate the 44 Northern Trust employees who have successfully completed their Achieving Corporate Excellence (ACE) apprenticeship programmes within the past year.

Employees from all levels of the Northern Trust organization participate in programmes, from early career to senior Northern Trust management. Examples of these qualifications obtained under ACE include Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Project Management Institute (PMI), Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) and Business Computing Society (BCS).

In attendance on the day and to celebrate everyone’s achievements we had Teresa Parker, EMEA President, and Mark Lacey, Head of International & Shared Services HR, who both acknowledged the efforts and hard work of all involved.

Teresa Parker commented, “It is fantastic to celebrate with the group who have worked so hard to achieve their ACE apprenticeship qualifications. I know from speaking to them this requires a lot of time and commitment and I commend them all for continuing to learn and grow to benefit both themselves, and Northern Trust. Apprenticeships are a worthwhile investment combining practical training with study and all graduates, including ones who couldn’t make the celebration today, should be very proud of all they have achieved.”

In total, 117 Northern Trust employees have successfully passed their programmes to date.

Jennifer Cook, manager of apprenticeships at Northern Trust, reflected on the feedback from learners, stating “apprenticeships are a brilliant opportunity to enhance skills, knowledge and behaviors and build confidence. Partners have emphasized how impactful their learning has been to performing their roles more effectively and also gaining world class qualifications.”