Accessorize Your Fashion Look with Roadkill!

Accessorize Your Fashion Look with Roadkill!

Not Just for Breakfast Anymore, Part 2
Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 2:15pm


Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier! Not since every kid on the block had or wanted a genuine Davey Crocket coonskin cap have I seen such an interest in wearing dead animals on one’s head as a fashion statement.

PETA goes the other way with celebrities posing nude to protest the wearing of fur, a form of protest I support completely.

But back from that pleasant distraction to actually wearing something. RP / Encore has come out with a line of accessories made from furry and feathered friends that wound up as roadkill, victims of pest control, or died a natural death. They’ve been brought back to life by RP/Encore’s designers as fashion statements guaranteed to get looks and comments. But brace yourself. This is one of those blogs that could come with a warning label.

Aspire to the Winged Mercury look? Right from an old dime to your head. NYC pigeon flies again.

The white mouse bowtie - excellent choice for both black-tie and white-tie events.

Please, PLEASE, tell her before you show up wearing this headpiece to the dinner party. I can see the scene now - “You’re wearing THAT?”

For those occasions when you are ‘winging it”…

Of Mice and Men: A grey mouse corsage for the best man or prom king…

I found this rodent hair comb a bit scary, but not more than some of the high heels and makeup jobs I’ve seen… Squeeky, is that you?!

When you’re carrying this White Rat coin purse, no one will run off with your pocket change, but the local cats may follow you around…

Nice lucky - uh, whatever kind of foot that is. Good luck with it! You can see more of this edgy collection at the RP/Encore website.

For the less haute couture, there’s always the traditional trapper’s hat from Fur Hat World - with or without face, and/or legs and/or tail.

Foxy lookin’ hat there, stud….that’ll get the girls runnin’- one way or another!
And of course no survey of road killed fashion accessories would be complete without the Road Kill Hat Song.

Road Kill Hat © 2001 James Gordon
Got a Road Kill Hat, Got a Road Kill Hat,
Made from something good and dead and flat;
Got a Road Kill Hat, Got a Road Kill Hat,
I'm so happy that, I got a road kill hat.

When I need un beau chapeau I like to skin a hide made
From something that I recently have scraped off of the highway,
Who can resist this trendy cranial attire,
A mixture of fur and automobile tire

My neighbour told me that she thought my brand new hat was pretty,
I said that she should recognize it, cause it was her kitty!
I know a clever feller made a beautiful sombrero,
From a Mexican Chihuahua that he hit with his Camaro!

I've always liked my headwear with a tail hangin' on it -
A little bunnie's nice to make a lovely Easter bonnet!
See that nice fat muskrat there, both ways he did not look,
Throw him on the manifold, by the time you're home he's cooked!.

So ya wanna try something nice -
Please take my advice,
Try raccoon or porcupine or a little thumper,
There's something to be said,
for wearin' something on your head,
That spent it's last moment looking at your bumper,

Got a Road Kill Hat, Got a Road Kill Hat,
And a rug made from my old hound, we called him "Mat"-
Got a Road Kill Hat, Got a Road Kill Hat,
I'm so happy that, I got a road kill hat.
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