About Frontline Health

May 28, 2010 11:30 AM ET

Many Canadians are beyond the reaches of the mainstream healthcare system. They live in remote locations, small towns and in our busiest cities. They are street youth, isolated seniors, the poor and homeless, immigrants or people battling addictions, anyone who is geographically, culturally or socially isolated. Meeting their healthcare needs is a daunting challenge. Learn more … http://www.frontlinehealth.ca/working_frontlines.aspx 

But throughout the country there are remarkable health and social service professionals who have chosen to respond to this challenge. They work in street clinics, community health centres, inner city hospitals, mobile outreach units, solo rural practices and remote outposts, striving to make a difference where the needs are greatest and the system is stretched most thin. Learn more... http://www.frontlinehealth.ca/working_frontlines.aspx    The Program   The Frontline Health Program is a long-term commitment by AstraZeneca Canada to help improve the capacity to serve those Canadians who face barriers to healthcare. It was inspired by AstraZeneca’s belief that every Canadian, whether living on the street or 100 kilometers from the nearest hospital, has the right to quality care.   The program supports: 

    * Research and innovation that will advance capacity to serve marginalized populations.

    * Knowledge sharing networks among practitioners to help foster communities of practice on the frontlines.

    * University programs that will help attract and develop the next generation of frontline health professionals.

    * Sharing and celebrating stories of dedicated practitioners and successful innovations to raise the public and policy profile of frontline health.

Learn more... http://www.frontlinehealth.ca/health_program.aspx   The Opportunity   The practitioners and pathfinders on the frontlines of health are demonstrating that Canada can be a true leader in discovering better ways to meet the needs of vulnerable and underserved populations.   Learn more... http://www.frontlinehealth.ca/stories_from_frontlines.aspx   PLEASE JOIN US: (http://3blmedia.com/theCSRfeed/Beyond-Barriers-Photographs-Frontlines-Health-Toronto-June-14-2010)   Beyond Barriers: Photographs from the Frontlines of Health is an eye-opening exhibit of stories and images that form a narrative map of the people, organizations and communities that make up the frontlines of health in Canada.    A limited number of invitations are available for members of the public to view the exhibit and attend a special reception taking place at the Canadian Public Health Association Centenary Conference. The reception will feature remarks from leading frontline health practitioners and will be held on:   on: Monday, June 14   from: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.   at: Sheraton Centre Toronto - Vide Foyer   
123 Queen Street W. Toronto M5H 2M9
  The exhibit is presented by AstraZeneca Canada’s Frontline Health Program, which supports the work of the dedicated health professionals who serve Canada’s most vulnerable populations.    Please RSVP to frontlinehealth@grantstream.com for an opportunity to attend this special event

For more information about Frontline Health, please visit

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