3BL Media Expands into Europe with New UK Office led by Corporate Responsibility Expert, David Connor

Dec 9, 2010 1:50 PM ET

(3BL Media/theCSRfeed) Northampton, MA / Liverpool - December 9, 2010 - 3BL Media, the leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability communications company, has formally opened its doors in the U.K. to further enhance its distribution networks, client portfolio and content diversity. 

By distributing multiple formats of CSR and sustainability-themed media on behalf of businesses and organizations worldwide, 3BL Media has proven to be at the forefront of news and content distribution. 3BL Media has developed and employs powerful distribution tools that provide a broader reach, influence and impact than traditional methods, with 3BL-exclusive channels and partners such as Reuters Insider.   With all indicators confirming the continued growth of CSR and sustainability communications, 3BL Media is now ideally positioned to introduce its service in a region that is rich in responsible business history, practice and innovation.   Newly appointed 3BL Media European Director, David Connor, says “It’s an exciting time for CSR and sustainability with global issues around transparency, climate change and social cohesion, reinforcing themselves in mainstream business strategies. The leading businesses of tomorrow will be those that better engage with a wider group of complex stakeholders. If you want be one of those leaders, 3BL Media provides the most effective platform to get your voice into the online and offline conversations already happening about your brand.”   3BL Media's news and content distribution service is based on the premise that the audience interested in CSR, sustainability and related news is growing rapidly.  3BL Media clients have the ability to distribute multiple-content formats including press releases, blogs, videos, reports and more, using both traditional and social media channels.  The result is an exponentially wider reach and a vastly increased potential for effective stakeholder engagement.   Greg Schneider, CEO and Co-Founder of 3BL Media, says "European organizations have historically led the way in integrating CSR initiatives into their business operations.  Our expansion and increased emphasis on international distribution of our clients' news and content now allows us to serve European-based, CSR-focused organizations even better.  We are excited to work more closely with our European partners as part of this expansion and honored to have David at the helm."    About 3BL Media   3BL Media is the leading CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainability news and content distribution company. The company works with organizations including, multinational corporations, SME’s and non-profits to distribute multi-format media assets regarding environmental and social issues. 3BL Media leverages its expertise in corporate responsibility, technology and social media to enable organizations to communicate their Triple Bottom Line initiatives to various stakeholder groups. 3BL Media is the publisher and producer of theCSRfeedthe CSRminute, and the CSRreport.    For additional information, please visit:   http://3blmedia.com http://twitter.com/3BLMedia http://facebook.3blmedia.com http://linkedin.3blmedia.com     3BL Media Contact (USA): Greg Schneider (Co-Founder & CEO) gschneider@3blmedia.com 866-508-0993 ext. 113 http://twitter.com/Greg_Schneider     3BL Media Contact (UK): David Connor (European Director) dconnor@3blmedia.com Tel:       +44 (0) 151 808 0119 Mobile:   +44 (0) 7904 113467        Skype:   david.3blmedia Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidcoethica