3 Innovative Solutions Shaping The Future Of Agriculture

By Judith Magyar Brand Contributor
Mar 1, 2023 10:45 AM ET
Domitilla Caputo in front of a wood-plank wall and SAP logo sign.
Image courtesy of Forbes

Originally published on Forbes.com

At the recent SAP.iO Foundries Sustainable Agriculture Latin America Demo Day, three startups presented solutions that can help farmers improve the quality of their crops, optimize farming strategies through personalization, and improve biological capital by managing soil more efficiently. These tactics can all play a role in successfully feeding 9 billion people for the next decades.

“All parties involved in developing these innovative solutions – the startups, the SAP.iO Foundry teams, venture capitalists and the teams responsible for SAP Solutions for Agribusiness and Commodity Management – agree that collaboration is the one key element for success in such endeavors,” said Kange Kaneene, VP SAP.iO Foundries North and Latin America, Caribbean. “Only by working together can the big issues of the day be solved.”

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