3 Easy Steps to Creating a Skype in the Classroom Lesson

Jun 12, 2013 4:50 PM ET

3 Easy Steps to Creating a Skype in the Classroom Lesson

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School is almost out for summer, but not forever. While we can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from teachers across the globe, even with the summer break, a teacher’s work is truly never done as the next school year is only a few months away.

Teachers, in your time off for the summer, you’re likely already exploring your lesson plans for next year. Why not try incorporating an interactive Skype video call lesson in your plans? Sign up for Skype in the classroom and follow these three easy steps to help you run successful Skype lessons for your class:

  Registering for a lesson

First things first, to find a Skype lesson search for something specific, like ‘mountains’ or ‘multiplication’, or visit our collections for some inspiration. When you’ve found the Skype lesson you’re interested in, click ‘Register for this lesson’ on the right.

Selecting a time slot

Once registered for a lesson, you may be able to select a time slot. You can select as many of these slots as you’re able to take part in. If there are no time slots, then the lesson owner probably doesn’t have a specific time in mind. You can leave a comment suggesting the time that would work for you.

Organizing your lesson

If you’ve selected a time slot, you will receive an email confirming your time. You’ll still need to message the person holding the lesson, or add them on Skype, to finish arranging your lesson. If there are no time slots set, then you can just send a message from the lesson page to set up a time for your Skype call.

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