2010 is the Year for Robot Adoptions

2010 is the Year for Robot Adoptions

Adopt a robot to become your personal companion this year.
Friday, January 15, 2010 - 10:12am


Hello everyone, and welcome to the new year of adoptions. Forget about those cute little babies or animals for once, and take a robot home today. That’s right I said robot, and I do believe that the future is closer than we think… ha ha.

When looking through some really neat groups on Flickr.com, I came across a unique profile of the name Adopt-a-bot. Brian Marshall, a middle school teacher by day, is kept busy at night as the wild and crazy orphans crawl up from the deep dark recesses of his basement. Brian has a very creative mind, using found objects or items he finds from garage sales, eBay, scrap yards etc. Some of his favorite items to use are old oil cans, aluminum measuring spoons, electrical meters, retro blenders, anodized cups, and pencil sharpeners.

Here is a brief biography of Brian Marshall:

If you are ever in Wilmington, Delaware, you must stop by to see the menagerie of robotic creatures at the Adopt-a-bot orphanage. For as long as he can remember, Brian has always had a passion for building things. Legos and Lincoln Logs occupied his time as a youngster, but as he grew older and his construction techniques progressed, he sought out new and unusual materials that would allow his imagination to run wild. Then, one lazy afternoon while watching movies Brian was inspired by an unusual lamp and his artistic career was born. Lamps led to clocks, small tables, chandeliers and his first attempt at robots with his Night Watchmen series. The Night Watchmen were robotic heads that lit up to scare away the evil monsters that hide under beds. Then came the day when the first robot emerged from his basement, and he knew he had found his true passion. His basement became a place where all the unwanted, used up parts from commercial enterprises and residential homes could now come to find hope. This was when Brian created the world’s first robot orphanage. Just because these parts were no longer desired for their original purpose, they refused to believe they should die an agonizing death in a big smelting pot or a landfill. So with a little help, these parts were coming together with new and unusual friends to fulfill their dreams of once again bringing joys to others. And bringing joy they are to families as far away as Hong Kong.

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