12 Reasons to Attend the 5th International Reporting 3.0 Conference

Join the Positive Maverick Community Gathering June 12-13 at KPMG Headquarters in Amsterdam
May 16, 2018 10:00 AM ET

May 16, 2018 /3BL Media/ - Reporting 3.0 stands out in a crowded landscape for a variety of reasons, including our positive maverick commitment to necessary levels of transformation and our pre-competitive, collaborative networked approach. Similarly, the 5th International Reporting 3.0 Conference, hosted by KPMG at their Amsterdam Headquarters on 12-13 June 2018, stands out in a crowded landscape for a variety of reasons. After reading the top 12 reasons below, you will want to register immediately on the Conference Website:

  1. Future-Focused Reporting: Reporting 3.0 starts where other conferences leave off. With a focus on next-generation practices, using current practices as the foundation for exploring practices that enact systemic transformations, dictated by science and ethics.
  2. Broad Scope: Reporting 3.0’s purview extends across the entire disclosure infrastructure, from accounting to data to reporting to new business model generation.
  3. Exciting Speakers: The Reporting 3.0 Leadership Team is particularly pleased with the high quality of its speaker faculty, all of whom are profiled with quotes on what inspires them about the Reporting 3.0 agenda and speaking at the Conference (posted until the Conference on r3.0’s social media outlets on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). You can see the speaker list on the Conference Website.
  4. New Accounting: The release of the Accounting Blueprint report provides a sweeping vision of the transformation required in the accounting field over the coming two decades. This includes a set of Recognized Comprehensive Accounting Principles (RCAP), multilayered income statements and balance sheets integrating the multiple capitals, externalities, and intangible assets, as well as statements of long-term risks and opportunities. 
  5. Business Model Assessment: The release of the New Business Models Blueprint report enables companies to assess the alignment between their current business models and the emerging trends impacting ongoing viability.
  6. Cross-Pollination: Participants gain exposure to new and diverse perspectives from different disciplines and fields, including corporate sustainability, finance, accounting, standards and frameworks, technology and data, cultural design, new business model generation, cooperative business, academia, foundations, government agencies, multilaterals, and the Commons community.
  7. Tiered Material: Conference content covers a range of levels, supporting participants from “where they’re at” all the way to the “Future We Design” with three tracks of breakout workshops: introductory (Education), hands-on (Implementation), and advanced (Acceleration).
  8. Action-Oriented: The hands-on nature of the Beta Testing and Advocation Partners Programs, oriented to proof-of-concept pilots of Reporting 3.0 Blueprint Recommendations, enables you to create your own roadmap for a future-ready sustainability management and disclosure design right after the Conference!
  9. Strategic Transformation: The Reporting 3.0 Strategy Continuum identifies the spectrum of transformation from business-as-usual through incremental improvement to sustainability and beyond: net positive regeneration and optimal thriveability.
  10. Materiality Reloaded: The Reporting 3.0 Integral Materiality Process offers a fresh look at how to define, implement and control the truly relevant issues through a plan-do-check-act process known from quality management.
  11. Necessary Ambition: The Reporting 3.0 Global Thresholds & Allocations Council introduces a governance platform for information on aligning business and investment with thermodynamic and societal limits and demands
  12. Positive Maverick Community: Last but not least, experience the diverse, inspiring and electrifying discussions of the Reporting 3.0 community of “positive mavericks.” This has been a highlight in the feedback from earlier Conferences!

For more information, please contact:
Bill Baue
Senior Director, Reporting 3.0

Ralph Thurm
Managing Director, Reporting 3.0