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Green Builder Media delivers thought pieces and calls to action encouraging people to make choices that ensure a sustainable future—a cultural tipping point that is driven by masses of everyday people around the world who want to live in harmony with nature while ensuring all people can...
This online resource will help educate consumers and professionals on sustainable energy solutions. The site includes articles and blogs on topics such as utilizing solar for PV and hot water; residential and small grid use of wind power; biomass and renewable fuels; using the earth's energy...
Stay updated on the latest products, best practices, and technology available for today's greenest homes and communities. Got a story or product to share? Contact Matt Power, editor in chief, Green Builder magazine at 
In a high-performance home, it's what's behind the walls that matters. Green Builder Media is your headquarters for high-performance tips and tools. You'll find expert research on insulation, window glazing, housewrap, plumbing, HVAC and other essential systems in any home.
Most people know that tighter building envelopes help save you money by making a more energy efficient home. But did you know a home that is not properly ventilated may be harming you? Recent reports on the effects of indoor air quality (IAQ) on children has led the way to in depth discussions an...


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