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AstraZeneca Canada presents Beyond Barriers: Photographs from the Frontlines of Health, an exhibition celebrating the compassion and ingenuity of health practitioners – doctors, nurses, social workers and others – working on the frontlines of Canada’s health care...
Stories From the Frontlines At AstraZeneca Canada, we want the work we're doing in Frontline Health to extend beyond the research, knowledge transfer, and corporate support that form its core. We draw on inspiration from the stories of innovation and commitment we have found on the frontlines...
The Frontline Health Dialogues connect practitioners, researchers, non-profit leaders and policy makers to explore a key question: What will it take to make Canada the best country in the world at meeting the healthcare needs of underserved and unserved populations? The dialogues are part of a...
Beyond Barriers: Photographs from the Frontlines of Health is an eye-opening exhibit of stories and images that form a narrative map of the people, organizations and communities that make up the frontlines of health in Canada.
A critical issue for frontline practitioners is the lack of relevant training and resources to help them understand and address the health issues of their clients. This is compounded by the limited connectivity with peers and the absence of networks for frontline practitioners. Our...

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