What Is Toyota's Partnership with Audubon All About?

What Is Toyota's Partnership with Audubon All About?

By Paul M.J. Suchecki
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 3:05pm

CAMPAIGN: Commitment to the Environment


Like a number of automakers, Toyota's philanthropy has been keenly attuned to STEM education in recent years, as we reported recently. What's less well known is that Toyota supports some environmental work as well. The company makes environmental grants in Japan and overseas. In the United States, it has several environmental partnerships, the most important of which is with the Audubon Society, ToyotaTogetherGreen by Audubon.

This partnership claimes to have trained more than 450 conservation leaders who have, in turn, spurred more than 300,000 people to “reduce energy use, protect wildlife habitat, and improve water quality in every state in America.” There is no figure on how many of them drive Toyota Prius hybrids, but you can see what Toyota might be after here. As the best known maker of hybrid cars, it's well positioned to strengthen its brand as the most eco-friendly top car company in the world. (Never mind the abysmal gas mileage of the monster Toyota Sequoia.) Audobon, meanwhile, has found another corporate partner with deep pockets to support its environmental work, which is quite expansive these days and includes a focus on climate change. 

TogetherGreen funds two major conservation programs:

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