Volunteers Taking Charge in Gulf

Volunteers Taking Charge in Gulf

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Despite #BP reluctance to use hair booms, volunteers take matters into their own hands. #oilspill http://3bl.me/d9dhpc

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Monday, May 24, 2010 - 9:04am

CAMPAIGN: Oil spill coverage


The United States National Guard helps volunteers in the Gulf coastal communities by driving hundreds of hair booms out to areas that will most likely need them. Volunteers from AmeriCorps NCCC showed up to place the booms, but were told by BP that could not place them yet. Hair booms are still being made and stockpiled for future use and pressure on BP to pay for placing and removing them is continuing. The hair booms are needed more now than ever with word that the oil is reaching marsh areas. Matter of Trust asks that you continue to donate materials and hair as well as pressure BP with phone calls to start using the booms. You can volunteer your time with Americorps to help.


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