Video: Of 25 Million Pet Adoptions, I’m Just One

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Video: Of 25 Million Pet Adoptions, I’m Just One

Watch the video & share your own #MetOnPetfinder Story
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 9:30am


On its 20th anniversary, Petfinder is asking people across the country to join the celebration and its effort to donate $200,000 to the Petfinder Foundation, which will award grants to 20 shelters and rescue members. To make this donation possible, Petfinder is asking animal lovers to watch its #MetOnPetfinder anniversary video and generate one million views by Oct. 24 . The video tells the story of how adopted pets have transformed the lives of their owners.

As part of the celebration Petfinder families, advocates, members and fans are also encouraged to share their Petfinder adoption stories on social media by using the hashtag #MetOnPetfinder. Here are three of my favorites (and one of my own!)

Read All & Watch the Video Here