Union Pacific's Environmental Advantage

Union Pacific's Environmental Advantage

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A single #UnionPacific #train replaces 300 trucks carrying the same load http://3bl.me/pb2rba

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Monday, September 23, 2013 - 9:00am

Trains remain the most fuel-efficient way to transport bulk cargo on land. A single Union Pacific train can replace 300 trucks carrying the same load. If just 10 percent of the nation’s long-haul freight currently moved on highways was diverted to rail, annual fuel savings would exceed 1 billion gallons. According to the EPA, trains emit an average of 75 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than trucks.

In 2012, initiatives in the building industry reinforced rail’s environmental value. Recognizing rail is more fuel-efficient than trucking, the International Green Construction Code and the National Association of Home Builders Residential Green Standard now recognize the value of rail for shipping over long distances.

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