Two Mints in One

Two Mints in One

Video postcards: another example of the successful marriage between print and digital

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Video postcards: another example of the success marriage between #print & #digital
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 8:30am


I've been keeping my eye on a new media that successfully marries print and video and seems to deliver on its promise to engage the recipient: video postcards. Imagine receiving an envelope in the mail, an envelope which immediately stimulates curiosity and encourages you to open it. When you pull out the ‘post card,’ an OLED (organic light emitting diode) video screen is revealed and a video either starts automatically or with the push of a button. This new technology allows anyone to deliver video to a direct mail client using a medium where the tone and style of the message is controlled and brought to life.

While some say a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a video may be the shortest story-telling route for your marketing message. A benefit of this new technology is that everyone gets mail while all other communication channels require the recipient to “buy in”. My friend and colleague, Trish Witkowski, demonstrates how one product on the market works in an episode of her video series, 60 Second Fold of the Week. The sample Trish is using comes from UviaUs. There are a number of companies offering similar products. Some can be programmed so the videos can be updated. Several of the companies offer a variety of monitor sizes and pricing rates. And, they can imprint onto a template or create completely custom products. Here are several of the companies and their video demos:


Structural Graphics

Video Plus Print


Special thanks to Trish Witkowski for permission to share 60 Second Fold of the Week and additional sources from her video postcard research. Having resources in the right places makes a world of difference. We hope Sappi can be one for you.

Does that make sense?

Photo published with permission from Structural Graphics and The Hartford.