Samsung Wins Design Award for Green, Sexy External Hard Drives

Samsung Wins Design Award for Green, Sexy External Hard Drives

By Jerry James Stone
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Samsung wins award for new #green, sexy hard drives. via @Greenopolis
Saturday, May 15, 2010 - 10:24am


Very rarely, if ever, are external hard drives something to oogle over. Generally speaking, gadgets with that type of sex appeal begin with a lower case "i' and have a touch screen. But Samsung's G-Series external drive changes all that. And not only are they sexy but they are also green!

Samsung won a design award for both the way it looks and for the green materials used in manufacturing it. The enclosure is made from an eco-friendly halogen-free plastic that reacts to the light in the room: it's the glittery affect you see above.

And the pattern is more than just decorative. It also serves as a heat-sink for the hard drive. And it's scratch- and fingerprint-resistant. The smallest size available is 120 GB but if you are a data junkie you're going to need the largest one: 250 GB.

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