Recycled SUVs, Save Lives

Recycled SUVs, Save Lives

The Car Part Incubator
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Recycled SUVs, Save Lives
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - 1:40pm


Well shut my mouth! At a recent Global Health Initiative forum, Dr. Jonathan Rosen - and his team of doctors, engineers and designers - announced that SUVs may actually be good for something after all...Saving the lives of millions of newborns!

The Car Part Incubator, the brain-child of Rosen and others at the Center for Integration Of Medicine and Innovative Technology (CIMIT) uses readily available auto parts to manufacture incubators for use in developing nations.

The statistics on infant mortality are staggering. Nearly 4 million newborns die each year, 98% of those in third world countries. With the help of recycled auto parts, such as the Toyota 4x4, junk becomes a precious resource. And at about $1500.00, the Car Part Incubator costs just a fraction of a traditional incubator.

CIMIT is a non-profit consortium of Boston teaching hospitals and engineering schools, trying to foster cooperation among world-class experts in medicine, science, engineering, industry and government, to improve patient care around the world.

CIMIT is using its Global Health Initiative to try to make things better for those in developing countries and other low-income settings. Training and education are a part of the plan, but innovative technologies like the Car Part Incubator will certainly go a long way to helping developing countries, well... develop –– and the next generation survive and thrive.

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