Rebuild a house. Create a home.

Rebuild a house. Create a home.

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Between repairing leaks and HVAC systems to painting interiors and installing smoke detectors, @RebldgTogthr has a pretty full to-do list! Donate here and cross a project off their list: #RebuildAHouse
Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 11:45am



For our neighbors in need, a home can mean uncertainty and hopelessness rather than happy memories and security. Rebuilding Together’s vision is to secure safe homes and communities for everyone, and our repairs are changing lives one home, one community at a time. Thanks to the help of almost 100,000 volunteers each year, we are:

  •          Fixing leaking roofs
  •          Repairing doors and windows
  •          Repairing HVAC systems
  •          Installing smoke detectors
  •          Painting home interiors
  •          Mowing and maintaining yards

Will you join us? Rebuild a House. Create a Home. 
Donate to complete one of the projects on our list: