The Nonprofits Behind the Profits

The Nonprofits Behind the Profits

Giving back is going strong in Colorado

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“Our projects reflect our values and bring to bear the skills and assets of the company,” says Joe Verrengia, Arrow Electronics’ global director of corporate social responsibility. @ArrowGlobal
Friday, January 4, 2019 - 12:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Arrow's CSR Mission: Innovating Tomorrow

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Colorado is home to 20,000 charitable nonprofits representing 6 percent of the state's economy, according to the Colorado Nonprofit Association.

But there's one sector that's sometimes overlooked: the "nonprofits" behind the profits. Colorado companies approach giving differently, but businesses large and small know it matters. And they are increasingly looking at ways to apply the rewards they reap in a strong economy.

Corporate charitable arms can build stronger communities — and brands. But they can also attract young professionals who increasingly want to work for businesses that go beyond profit and loss.

Arrow Electronics is one such organization. Rather than running a traditional foundation out of the human resources department, Arrow’s philanthropy stems from brand and marketing.

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