The Nonprofit World is Changing—Is Your Strategic Vision?

The Nonprofit World is Changing—Is Your Strategic Vision?

Q&A with HBS professor Herman B. “Dutch” Leonard
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The nonprofit world is changing, is your strategic vision? #HBSEE
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 - 10:50am

As nonprofits around the world struggle to fund their services, they face greater competition and fewer resources. In this Q&A, Herman B. “Dutch” Leonard, Harvard Business School professor and faculty chair of Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management, discusses how economic stress on governments around the world and tougher fiscal policies are putting nonprofits of all sizes to the test.

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Taking place on the Harvard Business School campus from July 14–20, 2013, this Executive Education program explores winning strategies for mastering nonprofit leadership in uncertain times. You will emerge with a blueprint for driving your organization's vision, mission, and role in the new global economy.

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