For the Love of Luck - An Orvis Dog's Story

For the Love of Luck - An Orvis Dog's Story

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For the Love of Luck - An @TheOrvisCompany Dogs Story
Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 8:00am

CAMPAIGN: We Love Dogs

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

Some dogs are special - the way they soldier through the ups and downs, how they bring tail-thumping optimism to our day, the way they make us better people. For Nancy Mackinnon, Luck’s mom, “It’s an amazing experience to go through a lifetime with a dog.”

Part of the Orvis Commitment is the support of organizations that promote canine health and well-being, such as the Petfinder Foundation through our Customer Matching Grant program, and the Morris Animal Foundation's canine cancer research via our Cover Dog Contest.  Some of our best friends are dogs, and at Orvis, we protect what we love.