Local Fishermen: Please Stop the Leak!

Local Fishermen: Please Stop the Leak!

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Local fishermen make a desperate plea: Please stop the leak! via @Greenopolis http://3bl.me/twxc8m

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Friday, May 7, 2010 - 7:21pm

CAMPAIGN: Oil spill coverage


Captain Christopher Callaway takes the GreenopolisTV crew out to see his "office" in the abundant Marshlands off the coast of Louisiana. We explored the east side of the leak where fishing has been mandated to be stopped and saw some of the most beautiful and clear water I have ever seen. The fear is with the leak continuing to gush over 200,000 gallons per day these marshlands could be impacted. If oil reaches them these precious fields and everything that lives near and in them will be destroyed for decades if not indefinitely.

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