Level 99 Denim Collection: No Carbon Footprint, No Fading - Ever

Level 99 Denim Collection: No Carbon Footprint, No Fading - Ever

Forever Black And Forever White
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015 - 10:10am

CONTENT: Press Release

April 21, 2015 /3BL Media/ - Level 99 announces carbon neutrality for the entire life of their product*.  Building upon their already strong reputation for eco-friendly products, Level 99 unveils two micro collections – Forever BlackTM and Forever WhiteTM - that takes efforts towards sustainability to a whole new level. These products have already broken new ground with environmentally advanced characteristics, but now in an effort to push the commitment even further, these collections will now be carbon neutral for the entire life of the product.

The Forever WhiteTM collection keeps its brilliant white appearance even after it’s worn and washed – the fabric won’t yellow or discolor from washing or exposure to the environment, limiting the need for over washing and the use of harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. The Forever BlackTMcollection features black denim that utilizes the same COLOR LOCK technology and won’t fade, even after extended wear and 30 washes. Its ingenious construction means it keeps its shape too, curbing the need for routine washing and in turn reducing water consumption.

Level 99 is reducing the carbon footprint of each pair of Forever Black & White jeans to zero or less in two important ways:

1.Using recycled fibers and eco-friendly dyes and processes that use much fewer resources.

Utilizing Tencel, Modal and other fibers, Level 99 has created ecologically sound textiles with an ultra premium look and feel. And thanks to their unique composition, Forever BlackTM  & WhiteTMhas greatly reduced water consumption in the manufacturing process versus traditional dying techniques.

2.Offsetting the CO2e generated through manufacturing and use of the product by investing in green projects that reduce greenhouse gases more than the carbon created in the entire lifespan of the jeans.

Level 99 is offsetting over four times the average carbon produced by each pair of jeans throughout its lifespan (manufacturing through consumer use) with help from TerraPass – an innovator in environmental impact reduction for both individuals and businesses. TerraPass was chosen because their independently verified projects are amongst the highest achieving initiatives in successful CO2 reduction.

“We are thrilled with the commitment Level 99 has toward the environment and we are honored to be able to help them offset more than the estimated carbon production of each pair of jeans ‘from cradle to grave,’” says Nancy Bsales, TerraPass. “Their use of innovative fabrics and offsets will help lead the way for sustainability within the industry, and set the example we hope to see others follow. Part of our mission at TerraPass is to broaden awareness and continue to provide offsets to those, like Level 99, who want to take action to lessen their impact on the environment.”

Against the backdrop of the recent, historic accord between The United States and China on addressing climate change, Level 99 is working towards a conscious reduction in emissions and believes that everyone can take ownership of their own carbon responsibility if given a platform to do so. On Earth Day 2015, the Forever Black and Forever White styles on the Level 99 site will be carbon offset, and from then on, they will commit to carbon neutrality for every product, for every Level 99 customer who pledges their commitment to greener living by joining Level 99’sCarbon Consciousness Community’ by signing up for more brand information at www.level99jeans.com.

It is a landmark achievement to attain the quality levels and product properties found in Forever Black and White, whist simultaneously producing one of the greenest jeans in the world. Level 99 hopes that this is just the beginning, and that they can inspire and encourage other manufacturers to follow suit.


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