A Lesson in Electricity Turns Into a Day of Fun

A Lesson in Electricity Turns Into a Day of Fun

SCE engineers host Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth students in a program on electricity and sustainability.

Alexsandra Guerra (right), an SCE engineer, shows Center for Talented Youth students the difference between incandescent light bulbs and energy-saving LED and CFL light bulbs.

Parents of Center for Talented Youth students also participated in SCE’s program on electricity and energy savings at the Energy Education Center in Irwindale.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015 - 4:00pm

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Explaining electricity to a group of pre-teens could be a tough sell, but My-Quan Hong had a secret weapon: a red ball.

The Southern California Edison engineer asked three of the kids to pass the ball back and forth to demonstrate the flow of an electric charge and how opposite charges attract. When she asked a student to pass her the ball, she blocked it, showing how like charges repel.

It was a simple demonstration, but one of many that engaged 27 Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth middle schoolers and their parents during a recent day-long program about electricity sponsored by SCE’s Advanced Technology group. The Center for Talented Youth is a nationwide program for gifted youth to broaden their experiences and learning.

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