Investing in Response to Climate Change

Investing in Response to Climate Change

RobecoSAM's Toolkit
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Investing in Response to Climate Change: RobecoSAM's Toolkit

Thursday, August 6, 2015 - 10:30am

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RobecoSAM is taking climate change seriously and is tackling the issue on multiple fronts. Firstly, it developed a sophisticated investment approach to climate change and created investment solutions for investors seeking to address this most complex of sustainability issues. More on this in the paper “Investing in Response to Climate Change”. Secondly, RobecoSAM became a signatory of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition in June 2015. And lastly, RobecoSAM continues to be certified as CarbonNeutral®.

The widespread divestment campaign aimed at fossil fuels (comprising producers of crude oil, natural gas and thermal coal) has placed a spotlight on the role of asset owners and managers.

In this debate, RobecoSAM recognizes that climate change is the largest and most complex of sustainability issues, and that it is inextricably linked to many of the other challenges that RobecoSAM is  concerned with, such as water scarcity, sustainable agribusiness, and resource efficiency. The guiding principle for all of RobecoSAM’s activities is to proactively manage sustainability issues. RobecoSAM has published details of its approach to Fossil Fuel divestment as well as the solutions it offers to reduce the carbon emissions of portfolios in its paper: “Investing in Response to Climate Change: RobecoSAM’s Toolkit.”

International Collaboration to Reduce the Carbon Footprint 

In June 2015, RobecoSAM became a signatory of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition. As part of this important move, the company now provides background on its commitments to:

  • Review the merits of selective fossil fuel divestment
  • Commence engagement with the fossil fuel sector by focusing on electric utilities
  • Aspire to reduce the GHG emissions attributable to our core investment strategies by 20% before 15th December 2015

In addition, RobecoSAM continues to be CarbonNeutral® certified, working with The CarbonNeutral Company. RobecoSAM’s CO2 emissions were assessed by an independent third party and the carbon neutral status is underpinned by The CarbonNeutral Protocol, the global standard for carbon neutrality. In 2001, RobecoSAM became one of the first Swiss companies to become carbon neutral. The following two projects are currently being supported by RobecoSAM:

  • In Acre, Brazil 35,000 hectares of pristine rainforest is being protected to prevent deforestation. Acre is the home to the Amazon basin and some of the world’s most biodiverse habitats. The project works with communities and local groups to use carbon revenues to help protect ecosystem services. Part of the project supports educational efforts to offer local communities alternative income possibilities.
  • In Kenya the “Meru & Nanyuki Community Reforestation” project supports the integration of reforestation to sequester carbon with community development activities; the project combines tree planting activities across almost 2,000 villages and enables local communities to improve access to food as well as create additional sources of income beyond subsistence farming.

If you would like an interview with an expert on CO2-reduction in portfolios or further information please contact us at:

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