Interview with Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director at Greenpeace

Interview with Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director at Greenpeace

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Monday, December 7, 2015 - 11:00am

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability and Reporting 2025

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

GRI’s Sustainability and Reporting 2025 project is designed to promote an international discussion about the purpose of sustainability reporting and disclosures looking ahead to 2025. Watch this interview with Kumi Naidoo, International Executive Director at Greenpeace.

About GRI
GRI is an international independent organization that has pioneered corporate sustainability reporting since 1997. GRI helps businesses, governments and other organizations understand and communicate the impact of business on critical sustainability issues such as climate change, human rights, corruption and many others. With thousands of reporters in over 90 countries, GRI provides the world’s most trusted and widely used standards on sustainability reporting, enabling organizations and their stakeholders to make better decisions based on information that matters. Currently, 33 countries and regions reference GRI in their policies. GRI is built upon a unique multi-stakeholder principle, which ensures the participation and expertise of diverse stakeholders in the development of its standards. GRI’s mission is to empower decision-makers everywhere, through its standards and multi-stakeholder network, to take action towards a more sustainable economy and world.

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