How to Help? Host a Boom-A-Que

How to Help? Host a Boom-A-Que

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How to help clean the #oilspill in the Gulf? Host a Boom-A-Que. via @Greenopolis

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 11:51am

CAMPAIGN: Oil spill coverage


Don't throw your old nylons away. . .host or donate to a Boom-A-Que. Boom-A-Ques are popping up in New Orleans and surrounding areas thanks to Daisye, spa director at the Ritz Carlton downtown.She has started her own Boom-A-Que operation at the spa and suggests you start one too. Daisye and her team are asking for donations of nylons, old mink coats, hair (pet hair, people hair and any type of absorbent hair), wigs if made with real hair, scissors and your time! One gallon of oil is absorbed per boom and numerous amounts of booms are needed to protect the Marshlands and estuaries in the Louisiana coastal areas. Every single boom helps and volunteers can not keep up with demand. Please donate what you can and inspire salons in your area to collect hair that otherwise would be thrown away. Daisye and team will be needing donations for months. Please re-use your hair, nylons and old mink coats to a much needed cause start your own Boom-A-Que or contribute to Daisye's operation.

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