Hot Topic: SAP Takes Corporate Responsibility to New Levels

Hot Topic: SAP Takes Corporate Responsibility to New Levels

by Ruth Palombo Weiss
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.@SAP recognizes and embraces its commitment to the #communities in which it operates #CSR
Friday, February 13, 2015 - 7:35am

CAMPAIGN: SAP Corporate Social Responsibility


SAP recognizes and embraces its commitment to the communities in which it operates, says Katie Morgan, SAP head of corporate social responsibility for North America. “We believe the private sector plays a vital role in creating a level playing field, driving innovation, and building an environment that enhances education and entrepreneurship to foster economic growth,” says Morgan. 

In terms of creating social impact, SAP wants to make strategic social investments that have lasting benefits for society. Five or six years ago, social programs focused on traditional volunteering. Funding was based on executive passion, as well as what employees wanted to support. “About three years ago we worked with FSG, a consulting firm which specializes in corporate social responsibility. We wanted to streamline and define a strategy that made sense for our core business. We decided that SAP North America would focus on entrepreneurship and education for ages 12 to 24,” she explains.   

Morgan adds, “This has evolved to focus on work-force development for the 21st century. We want to make sure the future workforce has relevant technology skills. This shift involved a lot of communication to both our leaders and employees about why this strategy makes sense for our business. Our strategic investment will give people skills, such as SAP certification, as well as training around soft skills, such as how to work in a corporate environment, or how to prepare for an interview. Our funding will be shifting from STEM education and entrepreneurship to workforce development.” 

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