Homegrown Talent Makes a Great Recipe

Homegrown Talent Makes a Great Recipe

Michelle DiTondo, SVP of Human Resources for MGM Resorts International, Discusses New Ways the Company Is Working to Fill the 1,000+ Jobs It Has Available at Any Given Time
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Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 4:00pm

By: Michelle DiTondo, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, MGM Resorts International

At any given time, MGM Resorts International may be hiring for over 1,000 positions, many requiring a combination of skills and experience that make them challenging to fill. Case in point: Finding managers and chefs for our bustling food and beverage business can be harder than making a perfect soufflé. In fact, Food & Beverage positions account for over 30 percent of our positions. 

Why are they hard to fill? Any F&B professional will tell you that the profession is rewarding but incredibly hard! Especially management roles where  managers may have a huge scope of responsibility between leading numerous employees, ensuring quality of food, and delivering service that exceeds our guests’ expectations, all while working across multiple shifts. Incredible and engaging employees are always more difficult to find, but leadership roles in F&B are even harder because our highest performing and most engaging servers and bartenders also receive the most in gratuities from our guests and may not want to take on the added responsibility of management.   

So where does MGM Resorts find them?

We grow them.

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