Hollywood Goes Green

Hollywood Goes Green

Ok, so not ALL of Hollywood… but a good chunk is leading the way!
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Monday, May 3, 2010 - 9:47am


Admit it: You’ve got a celebrity crush. Everyone does. (Ok, so probably not EVERYONE, for you picky people… “Most People” is probably more accurate. I’m over it.) Why do you like them? Is it just because they are drop dead gorgeous, or do they actually have some personality traits that float your boat? What about their actions? Do they use their status for good or for bad?

Yikes! Who know day-dreaming about some person you’ve never met could lead to so many deep questions?

Well, in case you need to pick a new celebrity squeeze, the good folks at BeliefNet.com have some great suggestions. Ten of them, in fact. Take a look at this list from Megan O’Connell . I’ve selected a few of my favs and given you a closer look at her postings [Have more celebs to add to the list? Comment here.]:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (aka MEGA HOTTIE WHOM I’VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH SINCE HE FIRST STARTED GUEST APPEARING ON “GROWING PAINS”…): “He lends his talents to projects like the climate change documentary The 11th Hour (which he narrated, co-produced and wrote) and the upcoming eco-friendly reality program "Greensburg" (he's the executive producer) airing on the Discovery Channel's Planet Green, which chronicles the green rebuilding of a town in Kansas that was destroyed by a tornado; he established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation which helps raise awareness of environmental issues; and he's often caught tooling around Tinseltown in his Toyota Prius hybrid. DiCaprio stays green at home, too-with his $3,200 eco-friendly toilet!”

2. Ed Begley, Jr.

3. Alicia Silverstone

4. Ed Norton

5. George Clooney: “Clooney is a United Nations Messenger of Peace and has supported organizations such as Save Darfur. He has also worked to raise awareness about and decrease our nation's dependence on oil by being a part of films such as "Syriana"--which fictionalized the rampant corruption of the oil industry--and by driving an electric car.”

6. Adrian Grenier

7. Cameron Diaz: “The Prius-driving Diaz has done many good green deeds as an environmental activist with organizations like the Environmental Media Association, for which she filmed public service announcements about energy conservation. She also helped spread carry the word message about the importance of protecting the earth to the MTV generation when she worked on the music video channel's "Trippin'" TV Program, which featured Diaz and her friends traveling the world and working on environmental projects in other countries. Also, she helped Al Gore kick off the Live Earth concert series in 2007.”

8. Tom Hanks: “This big time, big screen star wasn't satisfied with the a basic hybrid. His logic: while hybrids average an impressive 60 miles per gallon, they still require gas. Instead, Tom Hanks has been driving completely electric vehicles for years. The actor is so proud of his latest gas-free ride that he made a video explaining how his electric Scion xB works--while driving it around L.A. Hanks also works from his production company's solar-powered office building.”

9. Daryl Hannah

10. Hayden Panettier

Want more? Check out her full story here.

By Gingerly Green of Two Girls Go Green (@TwoGirlsGoGreen)

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