Hey! Hay Can Soak Up Oil Spills!

Hey! Hay Can Soak Up Oil Spills!

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It's true: hay can clean up #oil. Why aren't we seeking simpler solutions in the #Gulf? http://3bl.me/svm69e

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - 9:08am

CAMPAIGN: Oil spill coverage


This is a great video, as much for the simplicity of the solution as well as for the delightful Southern accent and “can do” attitude of the CW Roberts employees who demonstrate how hay soaks up oil and can be easily retrieved and used as fuel to generate energy from the waste. I especially love the fellow in the denim overalls- I have a pair of Oshkosh B ‘Gosh denim blues myself.

With “top hats” “hot taps”, “top kills” “junk shots” and many other made up sounding solutions for the Gulf oil spill, it seems that organic matter- like hay and hair- is as good as any other for soaking up what’s spilled, until a successful attempt to stem the blowout is made.

Wouldn’t be cool if something as low tech as hay could help clean up the mess from the high tech oil spill in the Gulf? Makes you wonder if the latest technology is always the solution- or just part of the problem.

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