Heroes of Innovation - Hear from Anke Domaske

Heroes of Innovation - Hear from Anke Domaske

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[Video] Making biopolymers from milk, Anke Domaske is innovating today @ArrowGlobal's Heroes of Innovation #whyisit http://3bl.me/mm7emt
Thursday, July 9, 2015 - 9:20am

CAMPAIGN: Arrow's CSR Mission: Innovating Today

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Anke Domaske saw sour milk’s great potential as a raw material. She uses it to manufacture biopolymers and fibers that offer unlimited possibilities for applications. That’s how she makes not only our clothing but also our electrical appliances, more sustainable.​​​

The people who change the world don't chase the spotlight. They're busy creating the things that make the world better. They are the heroes of innovation. This video profile is part of Arrow Electronics' Heroes of Innovation series, celebrating the inspiration and ingenuity of innovators who are solving problems today.

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Arrow Electronics CSR guides today’s innovators to a better tomorrow. With our help, our partners will transform their ideas into real and influential achievements. And just as technology touches all facets of our lives, we intend to foster new, cross-cutting collaborations between Arrow’s CSR partners so their combined efforts will yield astonishing and unforeseen results. Our innovations can make the world a better place for us all – now and five years out.

To achieve these transformational results with our partners, Arrow seeks board service for executives, in-kind donations of the company’s expertise and equipment, employee engagement opportunities and other collaborative roles, in addition to making financial contributions.