Hallmark Elevates Employee Engagement Through Mobile Technology

Hallmark Elevates Employee Engagement Through Mobile Technology

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 9:05am

CAMPAIGN: Hallmark | Caring In Action


Employees who are engaged in their work are good for business. That’s the idea behind mobile technology that Hallmark is using at Starlite, a key strategic printer in Asia.

In late 2017, Hallmark partnered with Tesco, a major UK retailer, and Micro-Benefits, a technology company based in Shanghai, China, to begin using Company IQ at Starlite. The Company IQ mobile application facilitates employee engagement surveys, provides interactive training, shares company updates and collects feedback from employees.

“This is about developing  new ways to interact with the workers who make our products, wherever they are in the world,” said Steven Campbell, responsible sourcing manager, Asia-Pacific. “We want to ensure all workers have a voice and a channel to give feedback about any issues or concerns.”

Company IQ simplifies the process of gathering employee feedback by pushing surveys and messagesb through a mobile app that employees can access on their personal mobile devices, anytime and anywhere. It creates an experience more like interacting on social media or playing a game.

“This mobile application provides a number of important functions, such as a grievance system for anonymous feedback and internal company messaging between employees and management,” explained Campbell. “There’s also a training and education section with games and quizzes for workers to learn while competing against each other.”

“I’ve only had Company IQ for a month, but in that month it has become indispensable,” said an employee using Company IQ at another organization. “I love learning, taking quizzes and challenging others on Company IQ. Doing this allows me to increase my knowledge and make me a better leader.”

Although Starlite has been using Company IQ for just a few months, the outlook is positive.

“We’re always looking for new initiatives to help support our suppliers and to keep their workforces engaged,” said Campbell. “This mobile technology is a great example of how Starlite shares Hallmark’s belief that people are our most valuable resource.”

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