The Grossest Recycling Projects

The Grossest Recycling Projects

It's great when you can find a new use for an old object.
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Used cigarette butts and condom hair bands? The 5 grossest #recycling projects we could find. (via @Greenopolis)
Monday, April 26, 2010 - 12:43pm


I'm all for a good recycle and reuse project. It's great when you can find a new use for an old object like making a clock out of a record or a giftbox out of a greeting card. There are some items that just shouldn't be reused at all and should be sent to the landfill.

Here are five of the grossest recycle and reuse projects:

Clothing Made From Cigarette Butts

Smoking isn't an environmentally (or human) friendly act to begin with. Besides the smoke, the cigarette butts are a huge waste. Chilean fashion designer Alexandra Guerrero and her clothing design company, Mantis, found a way to reuse those cigarette butts - in the clothing that she designed. It's made up for 10% cigarette butts and 90% natural sheep wool.

It's great that she's keeping some of the estimated 4.3 trillion cigarette butts off the streets and out of the landfill, but c'mon.

Dress Made From Human Hair

In 2007, Croatian design company Artidjana Company used human hair to design a dress. Over 150 feet of blond hair was used.

This seems like some crazy voodoo type thing. A bit too much.

Paper Made From Poop

The people over at PooPooPaper make 100% recycled paper from you guessed it poop. They specifically use elephant poop and a percentage of the proceeds are donated to the conservation of endangered elephants.

This seems like a great company that's dedicated to having a sustainable business both environmentally and financially, but it's elephant poop. They likely poop things that are bigger than me!

Clothing Made From Blow-Up Dolls

Dutch artist Sander Reijgers makes clothing out of old blow-up dolls. Yes, I said old blow-up dolls as in ones that have been used.

The novelty of wearing clothing is funny for a few minutes, but after the shock factor wears off, you are the one wearing an old blow-up doll. There has to be a better way to reuse them or just toss them out.

Condom Hair Bands
In 2007 there were reports being circulated that in Southern China used condoms were being recycled and used in rubber hair bands. The report turned out to be true and the product to be wildly popular.

Instead of preventing STDs, the second life of the condoms were helping to spread STDs. Think about it what do most females do with the rubber bands when they are fixing up their hair. Yup, that's right, they put them in their mouth.

Ok, I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

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