Global Emissions - ICT Sector On Par With the Aviation Industry

Global Emissions - ICT Sector On Par With the Aviation Industry

by Christian Béaur, Project Management and Sustainability Director at CBRE France

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015 - 10:45am

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Recent studies show the information and communications technology (ICT) sector is responsible for 2% of global emissions. What’s more this is set to double by 2020.

2% as a standalone figure sounds reasonable until you put it in context. It’s the equivalent to the total emissions from Germany, or the UK. Suddenly, that 2% figure sounds much larger.

Delving further, it’s estimated that ICT accounts for a large proportion - 65% to be exact - of office energy use. Evidently, computers and office equipment are a big contribution to this total. What thought though is given to cooling systems, likewise discarding old equipment and how green are our data centres that serve industry? The combined global effect is startling. ICT is on par with the global aviation industry in terms of emissions.

It’s clear - change is needed. Instead of simply talking, here at CBRE we are taking action. This year we have developed a Green IT programme, in conjunction with Cisco Energy Management (CEM) Software, which has been tested and piloted.  As a result we are now building a new Green IT Policy to be rolled out across EMEA and beyond in 2016. Improvements will be made with our infrastructure, data centres and equipment, workstations and printers, procurement and end of life disbandment. We forecast that we will reduce energy consumption from our IT equipment by 30% and reduce our paper footprint by 20%.

Together, companies and industries working in tandem can help stem the ICT contribution towards global emissions.

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