"Get in the Game" with NBA Superstar Bill Walton

"Get in the Game" with NBA Superstar Bill Walton

Taking action against the enormous challenge of ocean pollution
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Friday, January 8, 2010 - 12:13am


Legendary NBA superstar Bill Walton challenges everyone to "Get in the Game" in this interview with Melissa McGinnis and Greenopolis TV. Being a San Diego native, Bill Walton has truly enjoyed all this city has to offer, including its beautiful beaches and oceans. He feels now is time to challenge everyone to "Get into the Game of life" by educating yourself and taking action against the enormous challenge of ocean pollution. The oceans are stressed out! Marine debris - mainly plastic pollution - swirls in a handful of sea gyres, outnumbering plankton, strangling and suffocating wildlife, and contaminates our food supply. Dumped mercury, oil, pesticides, and phosphates spoil pristine coasts, threaten coral and animals. Bill Walton wants to see an end to this and wants to help get the message out by asking each one of us: "If you don't take the shot, who will?" We can all make a difference and it is up to each of us to contribute. The science and statistics are daunting, but the solutions are practical and personal: use less plastic, recycle what plastic you do use, buy products made from recycled content, consult sustainable seafood guides, eat more sardines and less tuna, harvest your rain water, eat pesticide free, walk or bike to school and work, snorkel or scuba dive, support the political process of marine protected areas off local coasts and those afar. Don't miss your "shot" to make a difference.

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