General Mills Promotes Focus on Soil Health

General Mills Promotes Focus on Soil Health

By Robert Arnason
Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 8:05am

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The food company asks farmers to emphasize diverse crop rotations, minimal tillage and keeping soil covered in plants

People who eat Honey Nut Cheerios probably aren’t thinking about the health of agricultural soils as they stare at the cheerful bee on the cereal box.

And moms who put granola bars in their daughters’ lunches probably haven’t heard of regenerative agriculture.

The public may not care about such things, but healthy soil and regenerative agriculture are priorities at General Mills.

“For mainstream consumers … soil health, regenerative ag, those are concepts that don’t mean anything to them right now,” said Tom Rabaey, senior manager of the agronomy sciences group with General Mills.

“That’s not slowing us down as a company.”

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