GRI Newsletter: International Women's Day Edition

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GRI Newsletter: International Women's Day Edition

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On #InternationalWomensDay, the @GRI_Secretariat newsletter is full of facts, figures, inspiration and guidance for organizations to advance #genderequality through #transparency. Also included: new GRI podcast episode & video on why join the GOLD community
Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 12:05pm

CAMPAIGN: Empowering Sustainable Decisions

CONTENT: Newsletter

On International Women’s Day, GRI wants to highlight how transparency can help organizations work towards gender equality. We feature several examples of how the GRI Standards and GRI’s services help companies better understand their impacts on gender. We are also proudly presenting the first crowdfunded translation of the GRI Standards, for reporters in French-speaking regions. And you can read updates on the GRI Standards, watch our latest video on the GOLD Community and its benefits, listen to GRI's Beyond Reports podcast, or read our latest Impact Stories.

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