GRI Creates Corporate Leadership Groups

GRI Creates Corporate Leadership Groups

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As a pioneer in the development of sustainability reporting over the past two decades, and the global standard-setter for sustainability disclosures, GRI has led the way in helping organizations and society benefit from reporting and transparency, and has a central role to play in the international dialogue on integrated reporting.

Friday, February 27, 2015 - 9:00am

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To underline its commitment in these areas, GRI is convening leading organizations to form two Corporate Leadership Groups: Reporting 2025 and Integrated Reporting.
Corporate Leadership Group on Reporting 2025
GRI has launched Reporting 2025 to promote an international discussion about the purpose of sustainability reporting and disclosures looking ahead to 2025. Over a 12-month period, thought-leaders in various fields will be interviewed on subjects ranging from data technology to society and business development scenarios, with the aim of identifying main issues that will or should be at the center of company agendas and their public reports.

The Corporate Leadership Group will play a crucial role in advancing the discussion in the Reporting 2025 project. The group activities will take place in two phases. The first phase is designed to help identify trends through broad and insightful discussions:

• What will be the most important topics for society in the next decade and how will they affect businesses and disclosures?
• How will new technologies and big data influence the reporting process?
• How will organizations connect sustainability efforts to value creation?
• How will businesses communicate about sustainability in the future?

In the second phase, members of the Corporate Leadership Group will explore the key themes further, helping to set Reporting 2025’s agenda for 2016.

Interested in joining this innovative group? Send an email to GRI’s dedicated team to be at the center of the global discussion, co-creating the future, and profiling your corporation. Take the lead in defining the future of sustainability reporting and disclosures!

Corporate Leadership Group on Integrated Reporting
GRI believes that integrated reporting, which incorporates material sustainability information equally alongside financial information, and which embodies a truly multi-stakeholder approach, provides reporting organizations with a broad perspective on risk. 

Organizations who have already produced a GRI sustainability report frequently ask for additional direction in the area of integrated reporting. To address this, GRI is convening a group to stimulate discussion on how to leverage existing robust sustainability practice for the purpose of integrated reporting. 

The establishment and activities of a Corporate Leadership Group will play a central role in enriching existing discussions on integrated reporting. Members of the group will help to define relevant themes in order to find answers to practical questions, such as:

• How do sustainability reporting and integrated reporting interact?
• How can a multi-stakeholder approach be achieved in integrated reporting?
• How can reporting organizations use G4 in preparing integrated reports?

If you are interested in joining this group, send an email to GRI’s dedicated team to contribute to, and benefit from the advancement of integrated reporting!


About GRI
GRI is a non-profit organization working in the public interest towards a vision of a sustainable global economy, where organizations manage their economic, environmental, social and governance performances and impacts responsibly. To date, more than 5,000 organizations have used the GRI Guidelines for their sustainability reporting across more than 90 countries. More than 22,000 reports have been registered in GRI’s Sustainability Disclosure Database and 23 countries reference GRI’s Guidelines in policies. GRI’s activities are two-fold: firstly the provision of sustainability reporting guidelines and secondly, the development of engagement activities, products and partnerships to enhance the value of sustainability reporting for organizations.