Following IBM's Lead, SAP Just Opened A Six-Year High School In New York City

Following IBM's Lead, SAP Just Opened A Six-Year High School In New York City

Now corporations are running public high schools. But in this case, it'll prepare students for high-demand science and technology careers and maybe even funnel them into a job at the company.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - 3:20pm

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What happens when a corporation helps create a high school?

We've already seen hints of what it looks like with P-tech, IBM's six-year vocational high school in Brooklyn, where students learn extensive science, math, and engineering skills and after six years, get a high school diploma, associate degree, and a priority path to a job at IBM. Now the business software company SAP is trying its hand with a similar model.

At Business Technology Early College High School (BTECH) in Queens, students have just started school, like their peers across the country. They are taking classes like physics, history, and physical education. But in the afternoon, they get a heavy dose of business or technology programming, depending on the major students have selected, and they stay in school all the way past 4 p.m. During their last two years, they get to spend time in real-world internships. And at the end of six years, students walk away with their diploma, an associate degree in business systems or engineering technology, and skills that are highly tailored to a job at SAP or one of its partner companies.

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