Enjoy Café Mujer and change the lives of Peruvian female coffee farmers!

Enjoy Café Mujer and change the lives of Peruvian female coffee farmers!

TransFair USA will receive a $2.50 donation from every bag of Café Mujer coffee you buy from Green Awakening.
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When: Friday July 9th to Friday July 30th
Where: Green Awakening
How: Go to the website, order coffee for yourself or to give as a gift.

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Monday, July 12, 2010 - 1:20pm


The act of raising a family alone is not easy, but being a women entrepreneur with only a small coffee plot to provide for your children is downright heroic. For Peruvian female farmers in this situation, Green Awakening created Café Mujer. The company works directly with cooperatives to source organically grown coffee, which results in an increase in farmer income by at least 30% when compared with farmer sales to importers.

For three weeks this summer starting today, TransFair USA will receive a $2.50 donation from every bag you buy from Green Awakening! Please help them give this gift to the Fair Trade movement. As a gift to you, any order with six or more bags will have free shipping. What a great way to stock up on coffee, change the lives of women in Peru, and support the Fair Trade movement directly.

Green Awakening is a savory, all-organic, 100% Fair Trade Certified™ coffee grown exclusively by small cooperatives in the mountains of Peru. Their motto? “Better Taste. Better Conscience.”

Let’s work together to make these women role models, inspiring young girls in Peru and America while having a Green Awakening with delicious coffee!

About Transfair
TransFair USA, a nonprofit organization, is the leading third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. TransFair USA audits and certifies transactions between U.S. companies and their international suppliers to guarantee that the farmers and workers producing Fair Trade Certified goods were paid fair prices and wages. TransFair USA educates consumers, brings new manufacturers and retailers into the Fair Trade system, and provides farmers with tools, training and resources to thrive as international businesspeople. Visit www.transfairusa.org for more information.

About Green Awakening
Green Awakening, a brand of The Inclusive and Sustainable Group, LLC produces gourmet, organic, fair trade-certified, coffees. Their mission is to help improve the lives of cooperative-based coffee farmers in Peru while contributing to positive environmental and societal change.  Green Awakening coffee sales fund a network of non-profit partners.  As a certified B Corporation, Green Awakening has met and adheres to stringent operational guidelines in the support of and to promote corporate social responsibility business practices.

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