DuPont People Spotlight: Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment in Spain

DuPont People Spotlight: Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment in Spain

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DuPont People Spotlight: D&I Recruitment in Spain
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 9:15am

CAMPAIGN: Our People: Diversity & Inclusion at DuPont

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"I have always found my way... to DuPont."

​Andrés Suarez is a DuPont employee who recently shared his experiences at the Diversity & Inclusion roundtable at Foro de Empleo in Spain.

In 2014, Andrés was sitting in the audience at a roundtable at Foro de Empleo. This event is organized annually by Oviedo University in Spain to promote links between students and companies in the region to facilitate employment. Andrés had a personal interest in the roundtable—which was about Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace—and he had been working as an advisor in this field for a while. "Paula a DuPont employee was there, representing people with disabilities, talking about her experience in the company. I took part in the roundtable dialogue, and after the session talked to Paula and her team to better understand the company and the profiles they were looking for. Then I realized that I could be a perfect match."

Some months later, Andrés became an employee at the DuPont Asturias Site. With just a few tweaks to his workstation, Andrés is now in an open space environment at the Global Service Center putting his talents to work. "I really think that your personal and individual approach to your own capabilities, talents and skills is key to success," he says. "I have always found my way to reach my goals and that led me to DuPont. My day-to-day routine is exactly the same for the rest of my team—in fact, I spend most of the time on the phone, so I can help people who talk to me and they don't even notice any physical difference."

"One of our Core Values is Respect for People.  It sets the tone for the work environment we seek to have in DuPont: an environment where everyone feels valued and respected and one where we are all able to utilize our individual, diverse talents and give our very best," says James McKenny, whose team has searched for talent at Foro de Empleo for years. "As finance manager global center operations, I like to emphasize my personal commitment to full inclusion of people from all backgrounds and abilities as I believe that the more heterogeneous teams are, when operating in a supportive environment, the better they perform."

In fact, last year, 10 people that reached DuPont through the forum had the opportunity to work at our site. "This is a must, since it allows you to get a feel for the real talent that emerges from our local university”, added Enrique Macián, DuPont Spain Country Leader, who accepted a special recognition given by the university to honor DuPont's commitment in this area.

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