A Double Surprise for Scholarship Winners

A Double Surprise for Scholarship Winners

Classmates Michelle Lyu and Athena Chen, of Diamond Bar High School, recently received $40,000 Edison Scholars awards.

Classmates Michelle Lyu and Athena Chen recently received the coveted $40,000 Edison Scholars award.

The 2015 Edison Scholars during a reception held in their honor at Edison International headquarters.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015 - 11:35am

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Michelle Lyu thought it was a little weird when she ran into her father in the parking lot of Diamond Bar High School on a school day. It all became apparent later when her father and a group of people the high school senior didn’t know came into her yearbook class to present her with a $40,000 college scholarship.

The news about being selected as one of this year’s 30 Edison Scholars was just sinking in when Athena Chen, a senior in Michelle’s math class, sidled up to her a few days later and whispered, “Did you get the Edison letter?”

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